Straus7 models by HPL INGENIEURE - BERLIN (D)

Greifswald is a city at the Baltic Sea in the North East of Germany. The Greifswald bay is endangered by wind-induced storm floods, which mostly occur in winter. Whilst the flat landscape itself may be sheltered by dams, the river Ryck flowing into the sea is the open gap which would allow the high-rise water to return into the city. Therefore, a flood barrier is being built, like the London Thames barrier, but smaller. The main opening has a width of 21 meters and will be closed by a 100 tons steel sector gate. The side openings for the walkway at the quay have a width of 17 m each and will be closed by two 30 tons steel sliding doors. All the steel gates have been designed and calculated as detailed steel shell structure with Straus7 FEA software. This included stress design, buckling design, deflection control and fatigue. The design of the flood barrier and the structural calculations of its gates have been undertaken by hpl Ingenieure, Berlin. In the moment, the flood barrier is under construction. The main concrete construction is already finished and the steel sector gate is completed and delivered on site. In spring 2014, the slide bearing supports and the hydraulic drive units will be finished and the main gate will be set in place, followed by functional tests. After finishing the main opening sector gate and flooding the main opening, the ships can change their way into the main opening and the control building can be built on the site of the temporary waterway. The end of construction work is expected in 2015.

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